Recommended Practitioners in Greater San Diego Area

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Dr. Dan HarperIntegrative Medicine,  858.755.1126 

Dr. Benjo Mesalungan, Integrative Medicine,  858.350.4414

Dr. Stacey Lin, Family Practice Medicine (Scripps), 760.479.3900

Dr. Robert Solomon, Wellness-Focused Psychotherapy, 760.753.5283

Dr. Don Campbell, Psychology, 760.431.9933

Dr. Rahil Bandukwala, Endocrinology (South Coast Kidney & Endocrine Center), 949.916.9100

Dr. Pingfeng Du, Cardiology (Scripps), 760.230.6660

Dr. Alexander Shikhman, Rheumatology, Arthritis and Auto Immune Diseases, 858.794.9192

Dr. Ritvik Mehta, Otolaryngology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Scripps), 858.909.0770

Dr. Monica Keiffer, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (Cranial Sacral), 760.436.6882



Dr. Tania I. Bajars, Holistic Dentist, 619.423.3602

Dr. Larry Hovey, Holistic Dentist, 858.453.1500

Dr. Irineo Marvin Pantangco, Holistic Dentist, 760.536.1199


Alternative Holistic Health Practitioners:

Dr. Debbie Novick, Gentle Chiropractic, Functional and Alternative Medicine, 760.519.1759

Dr. Bridget Chelf, Chiropractic Care for Infants, Children and Pregnant Women, 858.792.7296

Dr. Raymond Wu, Acupuncturist, 858-509-0343

Andrea Meyer, LM, CPM, Midwifery Services, 760-436-9166

Dr. George Chapman, Chiropractor--Thermography, 619.269.8360

Moises Durazo, HHP, Biomagnetic Therapy, 714.824.9998

Gary Richer, Iridology, Herbology and Live Cell Analysis (Herbs of Flower Hill), 858-481-3500 

Pia Romano, Cranial Sacral, Energy Field Hands-On Healing, 858-635-1200

Katherine Sale, MSW, MAc., CMT, BioSET Food and Allergy Testing, Detox Foot Baths, 443-995-0074

Barbara Pickett, Reiki and Tuning Fork Therapy, 562.425.4149

Bobbi Warren, Reflexologist, 619.462.3073

Alvaro Costa, Practitioner Pranic Healing Center San Diego, 888.226.4325

Jodi Farmer, Esthetician, Holistic Skin Care, Nerium Products, 619.417.4660


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